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Angiogenesis and vascular remodeling have been identified as crucial processes for cardiac development and function. The “Emerging Concepts in Cardiovascular Biology” conference will bring together researchers working on the mechanisms governing blood vessel biology, the patterning role played by the cardiac endothelium in cardiac development and its impact in congenital heart disease, and the interplay between developing coronary blood vessels and cardiomyocytes during tissue development and regeneration. The conference thus offers exciting opportunities for fruitful interaction and scientific discussion among scientists working on all these complementary aspects of cardiovascular biology.

The conference program includes sessions dedicated to the latest findings on the biology of the different cells that constitute the vascular system, with particular emphasis on the most important signalling pathways and transcriptional regulators operating during heart development, homeostasis, and disease. Invited speakers will discuss their latest innovative basic and translational research on the cellular and molecular regulation of angiogenesis, endocardium and cardiomyocyte biology. Recent studies have uncovered the molecular pathways dictating vascular heterogeneity, plasticity, and adaptability to the heterogeneous and pathological tissue environment. The presentations will cover the fields of cell and developmental biology, vascular pathophysiology, computational modeling, biophysical engineering, imaging, and regenerative medicine. There will also be an emphasis on approaches toward the translation of new concepts in cardiovascular biology to the clinic. The conference is organized to stimulate interactions among trainees and experts, and will provide an up-to-date overview of the large field of cardiovascular biology research.


  • Biology of the distinct vascular cells
  • Cardiovascular system development and repair
  • Cardiovascular Metabolism and Signalling
  • Biophysical forces in cardiovascular remodelling
  • Angiocrine function of vessels and organ regeneration
  • Lymphangiogenesis and its role in cardiac repair


The submission period for abstracts and pre-registration has finished
Attendance is limited to 75 participants.
The conference is free for attendees.